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May. 6th, 2001 | 05:50 pm
music: moby - god moving over the face of the waters

it's neat to look back on this college life and see how each semester has its own characteristics.. i will remember this one because it's harships, though little, they are still there, that classes are the hardest i've had to deal with so far; going to work at the basil pot and everything that comes with that

ok, that's about it, i'm bored, how can i go this long with having the only complaint as (shudder) i'm bored

i need a change of pace, and in two days, i will have that, only two more finals to go, then will i taste the sweetness of independence

and things are looking up yet even more, you know how you can just tell you're about to embark on a really long relationship, well, yes kiddos, the excitement and unpredictability is beginning... i can't wait for this summer.... ahhhhh.........

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